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New Eclectic NeoPagan/Wiccan Coven forming.

I apologize that my first post is one of "self promotion", but I just found this community while looking for Wiccan and NeoPagan communities in the San Diego area. Some of you may know me as a regular member of the nonfluffypagans community, or from CAW.

I moved to San Diego 5 years ago and have just gotten back on track doing work that the Gods laid out for me 8 years ago.




The God/dess has called us to create a coven.
Are you one of those who has heard her call?

The PhoenixSpirit Clan is a coven called into being for a specific purpose. It will draw to it a specific combination of personalities which will develop a specific group dynamic. As far as I know, it may currently be the calling of only one person, but I have faith that others will follow.

The Grove will begin as a circle of students seeking training, dedication or initiation. Those who obtain initiation will form the Circle of Initiates (or "coven") and will serve as the Priesthood for the larger community of the Grove. Those who seek only basic training in Wicca and Paganism or those wishing to be dedicated to the Wiccan path will be welcome to join us for introductory classes, celebratory Sabbats and to participate in the Grove as their Pagan community for as long as they are in harmony with the Path of the Phoenix.

Do you have these qualities?

  • A strong, HEALTHY ego.

  •  Are seeking spiritual growth and are
    willing to learn.

  • Are willing to contribute to the spiritual growth
    of others / willing to teach.

  • Are seeking the Wiccan ideal of "Perfect
    Love and Perfect Trust" within a coven.

  • Have been described as both an idealist and a

  • Are working on your "issues",
    imperfections and failings.

  • Are drawn or called to the Wiccan path.

  • Tolerate the "issues", imperfections
    and failings of others.

  • Value cultural diversity.

  • Are apolitical in nature (i.e. don't get into
    "Witch Wars").

  • Understand the value of 'radical honesty'.

  • Are sincere and on a Wiccan path or are seeking a
    Wiccan path.

  • Strive, within the best of your abilities, to
    'walk your talk'.

  • Are willing to actively participate and
    constructively contribute.

  •  Feel you are called to serve the God/dess.

  • Are willing to make decision by true consensus

  • Are you looking for... ?

  • A "teaching coven"

  • A spiritual community within which to celebrate.

  • A chance to act as the Celebrant (Priest/ess) in

  • A coven which treats each member as the God/dess

  • A working magickal group.

  • A healing circle.

  •  A coven which takes its magickal life as
    seriously as it takes its social life.

  • A coven which uses magick actively as a tool for
    transformation, healing and environmental and
    social change.

  •  An activists' coven, one which works to
    achieve those things which it professes to

  • A magickal community

  • If this sounds like your coven please feel free to visit the website or to e-mail me at
    Click here if you would like to see our proposed By-laws.
    Click here if you would like to see our proposed Grove Calendar
    Click here to see an outline of our
    Grove Training Programs.

    Click here to e-mail us if you are interested in participating in Grove events.

    Bright Blessings,
    Catherine Deville
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