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Name:Lukainima (Sumerian for Priest and Mage)
Age: Thousands really (in this life not more than three dozen)
Location: Southern California
Religion: Eclectic Pagan (Panentheist)(Allah,An,Athena,Anubis,...)(Pantheist)(Deist)(Animist)...
Denomination/Sect: Sufi Thelemic Empyreal Olympian Sumerian ...
Conservative/Moderate/Liberal: There is no law beyond "Do what thou wilt"
Introductory Statement:
I have lived on this earth in this incarnation for three dozen years and still am amazed that evil can still reside within humans. Were they not either made of a Divine or by a Divine ... .
Then let loose on the world to dominate and conquer it /or take care of and nurture it.
Some prophets have come their way and for what? Nothing is better. Nothing is the same. Land. Oil. Women. Sex.
Has the west been more advanced than the arab mesopotamian world? Had they been so you know we would not be in this mess. How about the chinese history? Who knows how long that is. Is there a point to the killing? Are you better than your betters and who might they be? Are you leading the life that Divinity wants of you or are you just skipping by without being noticed and frozen in fear about doing anything about it? How come those of us individuals who have some degree of intelligence not light the way for others. There are more prophets than the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) could count.

I was afraid for many years of being found out and this by the way is my first time talking aobut it in a public forum with most people I do not know. I was not like the others.
I was amazed to see that some people had already written my childhood story out and I did not know I was interviewed. I was alone in my thoughts. Hiding. I felt I did not belong where I was. I arrived to soon on this place. Sometimes I feel I arrived to late especially when I look at the news. I kept getting stuck in such anger towards people and how could they do that to themselves, to their women, children, land, HOW is it possible for them to completely diregard their conscience. Do they not know that we are all family. All of us are related. We are all made of the same Divine stuff. I believe there needs to be more action in favor of freedom from tyranny.

This is enough for now,
I, mySelf, Am
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