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cross posted cause I'm just so damned excited
(mods if this isn't allowed, I'm very sorry and please delete this and let me know so I don't do it again)

Saturday August 5

Discovering the Feminine Faces of God
Sacred Sites Around the World

with Karen Tate
acclaimed author of:
Sacred Places of Goddess:
108 destinations
6pm $15

   Travel with author Karen Tate through a slide show and lecture as she examines the varied Divine Feminine traditions as old as the Neolithic temples of Malta or as new as the Goddess Temple of Orange County, in locations as inaccessible as Sedna's Watery Domain near the Arctic Circle or as crowded as Ueno Park in downtown Tokyo. This visual experience and lecture explores the rich tapestry of Goddess worship from prehistoric cultures to modern academic theories. Consider the amazing similarities between age-old pagan rituals and those associated with contemporary religions.

For more information go to or email
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