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Upcoming Events in San Diego

At Tree of Life ( )

Friday August 11

Buddhist Meditation
A Very Brief Introduction

with Charles D.
7pm $10

This course will be a brief introduction to the Buddhist meditation tradition with the ultimate effect giving the participants the ability to practice meditation techniques on their own. Several techniques will be taught allowing for people of different temperaments and natures to all get the same results. Practical issues of posture and sitting position will be offered for those interested in learning. Please wear comfortable clothing and if you have a cushion please bring that as well.

(this ones is so worth it: the guy is getting his masters degree in Buddhism at UC Berkley)

Wednesday August 16

Magickal Amulet Workshop

with Diana D.
7pm $20
all supplies included!

In this hands on workshop you will learn how to create and use your own Magickal Amulets! You will leave the class withseveral Magickal Amulets you have created yourself for your own special purposes.

Friday August 18

Witch Balls Workshop

with Kathy Cybele
High Priestess of Circle of the Sacred Meadow
7pm $15
all supplies included!

Witch balls are an ancient magickal tool of protection. Witch balls were created and hung in a window to protect the home, and those in it, from evil. In this workshop you will create your own Witch Ball to hang in your home!

Hope to see you all there!
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